Women and Infant Services

Preparing for Birth

Childbirth Education Classes: Preparing for childbirth comes long before being admitted to the hospital, which is why St. Mary Medical Center offers childbirth classes every month for parents-to-be. Classes include childbirth options, parenting, breastfeeding and an overview of the physical and emotional changes that take place during pregnancy. Topics covered include stages of labor, pain management, breathing and relaxation, and caring for your infant. To learn more, visit our community education section. For further information or registration regarding childbirth education classes, please call (760) 946-4241.

Maternity Tours: Maternity tours help to familiarize parents-to-be with the Labor and Delivery department. During the tours, we answer questions about the birthing process and introduce our specialized team of OB nurses. Our goal is to help relieve any anxiety by providing a complete picture of the events surrounding childbirth. For further information or to register for a maternity tour, please call (760) 946-4241. The maternity tour is no charge but pre-registration is required.

Birth Plan: Prepare for the anticipated, the unexpected and everything in between. Birth plans are a great way to let your physician and labor and delivery nurse understand how you and your family would like your delivery experience to go. Creating a birth plan is a useful tool to determine the expectations both you and your partner have about the upcoming birth. Knowing these expectations will help guide our health care delivery team in providing the most comfortable plan possible. Personal Birth Plan

What Not to Pack: Please do not bring valuables to the hospital, as they cannot be secured. The hospital is not responsible for replacing lost items. Any items that will be left unattended should remain at home.

What to Pack: A hospital gown or birthing clothing, if you would like to bring your own. Please note that while we do permit patients to wear their own clothing (i.e. skirts, nightgowns or dresses), we prefer that you wear a hospital gown, as they are fashioned with snaps at the sleeves for easy maneuvering around IV's. Also, because birth is a messy process, clothing worn during labor is unlikely to be worn again.

  • Pajamas, bathrobe and slippers
  • Underwear suitable for wearing with maxi-pads
  • A nursing bra, if breastfeeding
  • A comfortable outfit for mom to wear home
  • Baby clothes and blankets for baby's trip home
  • Cell phone/laptop/camera - Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital. If you are bringing a cell phone, laptop, or cameras please ensure these items will be attended at all times. Click here for our photo policy.