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The Birth Experience

Arriving at the hospital: When you are in labor, come directly to Labor and Delivery. St. Mary Medical Center offers patient registration in the Labor and Delivery department 24/7 for the convenience of our laboring patients.

Scheduled Births: If you have a scheduled birth, you will be given an arrival time and a delivery time. Your arrival time is two hours prior to your delivery time. This two-hour window allows for necessary preparations: a blood test, a detailed health and pregnancy history, fetal monitoring and the initiation of an intravenous line to begin IV fluids prior to anesthesia. You will also meet with your anesthesiologist prior to your delivery.

Inductions: We ask that patients with a scheduled induction call the Labor and Delivery unit two hours before their scheduled induction to confirm the time of their appointment. Appointment times may be adjusted depending on the capacity of the Labor and Delivery unit.

Pain Management and Obstetrical Anesthesia: We offer IV pain relief to our patients as needed and as labor progresses. If a woman chooses to have a regional block (epidural or combined spinal/epidural) our highly trained anesthesiologist is dedicated to the Labor and Delivery unit 24 hours a day to provide and monitor the epidural. Anesthesia is readily available in L&D if a cesarean is needed.

Dedicated Surgical Space: For patients requiring a cesarean section procedure, we offer a dedicated operating room located in the Labor and Delivery department. St. Mary has full staff coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OB physicians, nurses and anesthesiologists are ready at a moment’s notice.

Skin-to-Skin: The first few minutes after a baby’s birth are a magical time. While everyone knows infants need to bond with their mothers early on, research has shown that what happens during the first 60 minutes of a baby’s life can maximize that bonding experience between mother and child. That uninterrupted contact between mother and baby during the “golden hour” after birth is critical to the child’s growth and development. We support and encourage a full golden hour to bond with your baby.

Baby Medications After Delivery: At St. Mary Medical Center, we follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for the health of your baby. Vitamin K: All newborns are slightly low on vitamin K at birth, which is necessary for normal blood clotting. The Vitamin K shot will prevent bleeding. Eye Drops: Eye infections can be contracted as the baby passes through the birth canal. Erythromycin dye drops will be placed in the eyes to prevent infection.

Lactation: During labor and the minutes and hours afterward, the mother’s body experiences several amazing changes. Giving birth generates changes in a woman’s brain chemistry that increases desire to nurture.

Skin-to-skin contact and the baby’s suckling at the breast release hormones that help the mother to connect to her baby, cause the uterus to contract, and stop bleeding. Research has shown that nursing within the first hour of life improves infant survival rates and makes it more likely that a mother will continue to breastfeed longer.

We encourage breastfeeding for the benefits to both mom and baby. Babies who breastfeed have lower rates of ear infections, asthma, diabetes, childhood leukemia and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Mothers who nurse their babies have lower rates of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and diabetes. The nursing staff in Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby Unit, are well trained and experts at assisting you with breastfeeding. We also have lactation consultants who are available for the more challenging nursing issues.

Infant Security: To assure your newborn's safety and security, birth identification bands will be placed on you and your infant immediately after birth. Never leave your baby unattended. Never let anyone take your baby away from your room unless they are wearing a hospital ID.

Interactive TV: While in the hospital, additional infant care education is available 24 hours a day on the St. Mary Interactive TV. It features free and continuous programming on newborn care, maternal recovery from childbirth, and various family topics. We have a video library that you may use while you are here and also provide printed materials for you to take home. We encourage you to watch the following education videos before you are discharged:

  • Stages of Labor 3rd Edition – English
  • Stages of Labor 3rd Edition – Spanish
  • The Magical Hour

Visitors in the Labor and Delivery Room: We welcome your family to share in the experience of labor, as long as there is no disruption to other patients and guests do not interfere with our ability to provide safe care. During delivery, the hospital allows for two visitors, with the approval of your physician. For C-sections, only one support person is permitted in the operating room. Toddlers may visit during the early stages of labor and after. They may not stay overnight. They must also have their own coach, in case they need to leave the room. Children may not be in the labor and delivery room unattended. To respect your privacy, guests may be asked to leave the room periodically for certain procedures or tasks. We encourage hand washing each time someone enters and leaves the room. It is necessary to help prevent the spread of germs and protect the new mom and baby.

Physicians: We are very proud to introduce our community obstetricians and OB hospitalists.

Meet our Physicians:

  • Reza Ahmadinia, MD
  • Amal Guha, MD
  • Om Prakash, MD
  • Daniel Villarosa, MD
  • Viruch Vachirakorntong, MD
  • Wanda Wilburn, MD

Meet our OB Hospitalists:

  • Elizabeth Felix-Trunnel, MD
  • Annette Hollingsworth-Moore, MD
  • Jenny Lee, MD
  • Catherine Worden, MD

Dedicated Emergency Obstetrical Department: We have a dedicated team of emergency care experts to help you, if you are experiencing any symptoms of preterm labor or other issues with your pregnancy of 20 weeks or more.

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