Professional Development and Continuing Education Assistance

St. Mary Medical Center supports employees in their quest for continuous learning and professional growth opportunities that will support the mission and values of the hospital.


  1. Programs of study that will benefit an employee in their current role or enable them to train for a future role of benefit to St. Mary Medical Center.
  2. The employee must be a full-time or benefit-eligible part-time employee during the entire term of the course and for thirty (30) days after its completion.
  3. All employees who have completed one year of employment as of the course(s) start date(s) at St. Mary Medical Center and are in a benefit-eligible classification.

Reimbursement Qualifications

One or more of the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. Courses necessary to obtain a GED certificate from a reputable school or institution may be considered.
  2. Individual courses must be related to an employee’s current position or in preparation for related career opportunities within St. Mary Medical Center.
  3. Coursework must apply to a degree or certificate program from an accredited institution of higher learning that will lead to a degree or certificate, as determined by the Education Advisory Council.

Reimbursement Maximums

Union full and part-time benefit eligible employees should refer to their respective collective bargaining agreement for reimbursement maximum.

  1. Non-union full-time benefit-eligible employees can receive up to $4,000 per fiscal year. Non-union part-time benefit-eligible employees' benefits will be prorated.
  2. Employees will be required to pay taxes on any portion of their tuition reimbursement exceeding the IRS limit under an employer-provided educational assistance program in a calendar year, per IRS Publication 970. The taxable income amount will be included on Form W-2 accordingly in the same tax year.

For more information about this program, please click here to download this flier or call Clinical Education at (760) 242-2311 ext. 5318.

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