St. Mary Medical Center Nurse Recruitment

As long as there are people, there will be a need for nurses…

Whether you are a seasoned nursing professional or are just beginning your training, we invite you to explore the unique experience of working at St. Mary Medical Center.

When you considered a nursing career, you entered a field that makes a noticeable and very meaningful difference in people’s lives. Joining the family of employees at St. Mary Medical Center will offer you an experience that reinforces and nurtures the reason you became a nurse. SMMC presents an environment that is supportive of you as a professional; it is an institution that recognizes and honors your clinical expertise and the human caring and compassion you bring to nursing.

Service Excellence

For the eighth consecutive year, High Desert consumers have recognized St. Mary Medical Center in Apple Valley for providing quality health care services by naming it the most preferred hospital in its service area. This information is gathered annually by National Research Corporation (NRC) in its Healthcare Market Guide study*.

Year after year, St. Mary Medical Center has been chosen as “most preferred within a variety of categories, including quality of care, image, consumer trust and confidence, hospital product line preference, overall satisfaction, physician access and advertising recall.

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