Job Opportunities

At St. Mary Medical Center, our more than 1,200 employees share a commitment to caring for every customer we serve. As a community-based and focused not-for-profit medical center, we take our community benefit responsibilities to the Victor Valley very seriously. In fact, the communities we serve throughout the High Desert are the very reason for our existence. At this Victor Valley hospital we conduct business according to a set of spiritual values we believe result in better care for our patients. Our mission, vision and value statements are the heart of the hospital.

SMMC is committed to the core values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and the Brothers of St. John of God. Our core values of Hospitality, Dignity, Justice, Service and Excellence define this High Desert hospital as an extraordinary place to work.

We are looking for people who acknowledge that with every interaction a unique opportunity to promote a healing atmosphere exists, whether with a patient, visitor, co-worker, physician, volunteer or contractor. We hope those who choose to align their hearts and energies with our mission of continually improving the health and quality of life of the people in the Victor Valley communities we serve will experience an environment that enriches their spirit and taps what is best in them.

We offer competitive pay, comprehensive benefits and a work environment dedicated to job satisfaction and success. St. Mary supports and encourages its employees in their endeavors to meet and exceed goals set for their professional and personal lives.

Right now we are undertaking a journey of "Transformation to Great" A Future Full of Hope (Jeremiah 29:11-14).

  • Embedding spiritual purpose
  • Achieving progress with change
  • Navigating innovation with risk
  • Promoting invention, discovery, genius

Transformation Statement

St. Mary Medical Center has a 50-year history of caring for the communities of the High Desert. Originally established by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, subsequently sponsored by the Brothers of St. John of God and currently co-ministered by the Brothers and Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, the hospital and surrounding communities have evolved dramatically during that time. Essentially, the Victor Valley has become part of a metropolitan Southern California. Given that important transformation, St. Mary is undergoing its own transformation and will continue to distinguish itself as a Catholic values-driven organization and become an institution of equal or greater quality and service than any other in California.

In this burgeoning and thriving semi-metropolis region, St. Mary Medical Center will maintain its values while expanding its vision.

New circumstances require new and radical ways of delivering safe health care and services. We will exceed the status quo. We will revolutionize how we operate and how we provide for our communities.

We are not only a hospital, but a ministry. We see our work at St. Mary Medical Center as a calling and invite you to consider that for yourselves.

Over the next several years, St. Mary Medical Center will continue to advance and become the leader in key areas:

  • People
  • Compassionate care, safety and quality
  • Community outreach and social change
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Technology and innovation

We look forward to this journey of transformation, innovation and revolution with you.

Executive Management Team
St. Mary Medical Center
September 2005

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